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June 21, 2016
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July 14, 2016
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The day you come back from (your first) ISTE

I am back in the office from Denver, where we spent three amazing days with an entire community that is working to transform education. At every level, in every State and every school.

It might be the post adrenaline mode I am in, but I can’t avoid feeling so grateful for the opportunity to have been there. It was an amazing experience both on the personal and professional level.

Many things happen while you are at ISTE. As someone told me, it’s “halloween for adults”. So many crazy, amazing perks and products gave away. So many “WOW!” moments while you walk through the aisles thankful to be living in this moment, in this time where we have technology, manpower, and creativity to be disruptive and innovative. As Einstein said (just can’t avoid quoting him), “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” That is what I could breath and observe during my entire stay in Denver.

Another fascinating part of ISTE is the amount of relevant conversations one can have in just three days. People asking great questions, thinking about the future, considering other colleagues, and advocating for their students’ education. It was astonishing.

ISTE became a hub of opportunities, of inspiration, and incredible memories. It gave me ideas to improve our product, our marketing, and our communication. ISTE was the perfect place to establish great conversations, to meet teachers, administrators, principals, students, consultants, and potential partners.

ISTE made me feel part of something. Something bigger than me, than us, than this. We are a big, awesome, incredible community willing to give it ALL to transform and re-imagine education.

To all those who visited #Booth3036, THANK YOU.
ISTE, we’ll have a second round next year. That’s for sure. See you then.

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