Overview and FAQs

1Do I need to buy additional sensors?
You Do Not! The whole point is that Lab4Physics has everything you need to experience Physics with your students.
2Do I need Internet connection to experience with Lab4Physics?
No. You only need connectivity to download the app and in case you would like to send (through email) exported graphs or results tables.
3Is any phone enabled to run Lab4Physics?
Lab4Physics is enabled to run on smartphones and tablet devices with Android operating system. The minimum requirements are:   Minimal version Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, API level 14 onwards Processor: Minimum of 2 cores and 1.2 GHz onwards RAM: Minimum 1GB RAM   Minimum Sensors requirements:
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer
  • Compass
  • Camera
  • Light sensor
  As from September 2015, Lab4Physics will be available in Windows Phone. As of October 2015, L4P will be available in iOS as well.
4How much memory do I need to have available to download Lab4Physics?
Lab4Physics weighs 20 MB
5Where does Lab4Physics store my samples?
Samples are stored in an internal database belonging to each device. This database is persistent over time, unless the app is uninstalled or the data is eliminated through the Android application manager.
6How can I export my graphs?
Graphs can be exported directly from Lab4Physics, using the menu at the top right of every graph, selecting "Export Chart".
7How many tools does Lab4Physics have?
Lab4Physics has 4 principal tools: average velocity, accelerometer, sound and camera. In addition, some versions have our Vector (addition, subtraction, weighing and module) and Unit Conversion.
8Can I use the tool with all my students at the same time?
Please Hero!!