Dear Science Heroes,

Thank you for an impactful 2017 which has been filled with great news!

+ Students + Impact + Features + Countries !

Lab4Physics has an offline mode! If you previously had problems using Lab4Physics in your school because there was no internet, do not worry anymore! You can now download your experiments and tools and use them offline, anywhere, anytime… classrooms, patios or even on airplane mode!

Go ahead and update your Lab4Physics version on Android or iOS!

Lab4Physics arrives in Mexico in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Secretary of Education in Sinaloa, Mexico (SEPYC), where Lab4U trained more than 80 teachers who are impacting +10.000 students!

Lab4U has partnered with Arbor Scientific offering a special Classroom Edition to reach more students and teachers in the USA and Canada.



Our CEO and Co-founder, Komal Dadlani, participated and spoke about the Future of Work at the World Bank and IMF Annual Meeting, sharing Lab4U’s vision and impact in the world.

And one week later she visited Camden, Maine and spoke at PopTech 2017sponsored by Toyota USA.


Lab4U received the overall Edtech Award at the prestigious Reimagine Education Awards held in Philadelphia this year!


In 2017 Lab4U reached more than 22,000 students thanks to all those passionate and hard working teachers!

Thank you for being with us on this journey to democratize science and change the way science is taught

Komal Dadlani
Komal Dadlani
CEO and Co-Founder at Lab4U

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