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At Lab4U, we aim to democratize science education by developing technologies that transform tablets and smartphones into scientific instruments, giving every student the opportunity to have a lab in their pocket.

Current Situation


Lab4Physics is an educational solution designed to support teachers around the world improve science education, by making it easy and inexpensive to bring lab experiences into the classroom.

Lab4Physics leverages built-in sensors in both smartphones and tablets to transform your mobile device into a powerful science lab.

Why Schools Choose Lab4U

Replaces schools’ need to purchase expensive lab equipment and hire lab assistants

No maintenance cost. Schools save money with Lab4Physics

6 scientific tools and over 20 experiments aligned to NGSS

Helps increase student engagement

Helps improve academic performance & retention of core concepts

Data tracking and progress reporting to both teachers and administrators

Easy to use and fun for both students and teachers

Robust and accessible professional development and implementation instructions

Supports first-time physics teachers and “non-specialists”

Contributes to closing the achievement gap

There’s more!

  • Physics feels more accessible, understandable, and appealing
  • Increases student engagement
  • Allows students to investigate, measure, and analyze both inside and outside the classroom
  • “I found it [Lab4U] very entertaining because it gives a new look to physics, not as theoretical, but practical. With Lab4U you can see the results in real time and all that makes it more tangible and not so boring”
    Fabián Carrasco
    11th grade Student, Liceo Bicentenario Talangante School
  • “It's practical, in the class as the students were now trying to interact a little with their knowledge that's much better. In that sense, of course, this is a much more powerful tool, the students are acquiring knowledge and skills”
    Mr. Daniel Valdés
    Physicist and High School Physics Teacher, Liceo Bicentenario Talagante
  • “I found it [Lab4U] fun, dynamic and innovative. Basically, a new way to learn and teach. I think we learn more experimenting than reading a book, measuring real data and not taking it out of the book”
    Fabián Padilla
    11th grade Student, Liceo Bicentenario Talangante School
  • “The work we have done with the students today has been very gratifying, because its very graphical, they don’t only understand the concepts that we normally teach in a classroom but they could apply them … and in a fun and entertaining way”
    Miss Irma Flores
    SCIENCE TEACHER Escuela Básica Santa Joaquina de Vedruna, Puente Alto, Chile
  • “We are so happy to count on Lab4U and this new educational strategy in our school!”
    Carlos Morales Silva
    DIRECTOR Liceo Bicentenario Talagante Talagante, Chile
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Lab4U has partnered with Arbor Scientific to offer a special Lab4Physics Classroom Edition which you can get in the following link together with several other Educational lab materials