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Lab4U’s 2023 Impact


By Lab4U Team

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Lab4U 2023 Impact:
Fostering Future Leaders

At Lab4U, we’re always looking into the future: future innovations, future possibilities, and seizing future opportunities to solve the biggest problems of our time. 

That’s why we’re investing in students across Latin America to spark interest in STEM topics, and, in time, close the talent and gender gaps in our STEM-employment pipeline.

In 2023, we did just that by working with a dedicated, international community of educators and companies to transform how we teach, learn, and talk about STEM education. Thanks to this collaborative spirit, we touched the lives of over 7,000 young people, 100+ teachers across 30+ schools in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and the U.S. 

But that’s not all, let us share what else has happened!

Introducing a brand-new product: Lab4U App!

This year, we debuted our brand new, powerhouse Lab4U App. As the new home to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories all in one place, the app provides students with endless opportunities to boost their STEM skills and broaden their minds—all from the palm of their hand. Let the scientific adventures begin!

Lab4U All in One

In our new Lab4U App, we have added these amazing Branded Labs with experiential content aligned to STEM industries. 

We are also, introducing three innovative tools—Quizzes, Teamwork, and Planning—enhanced with AI to optimize learning. These tools aim to provide a more interactive and personalized educational experience.

Plus over a dozen other groundbreaking partnership projects and educational programs, which you can read about in full in ‘Our Key Focus: Building a Global Tapestry’ section. 

Upon reading it, you’ll find that Lab4U’s commitment to encouraging young minds to embrace science and technology is not just a mission; it’s a call to action. The more people, businesses, and communities that invest in our young people, the brighter our future looks.

So thank you for your support of Lab4U in 2023. Here’s to looking to the future, and to seizing the opportunities 2024 will hold.

Branded Labs: Cool Experiences for STEM Industries

In 2023, we achieved a new milestone by creating educational content related to various industries, including Energy, Mining, and Pharma. This initiative aims to help students expand their vocational horizons in STEM careers and encourages companies to collaborate on developing solutions for a more sustainable industry incorporating new empowered talent. 

Lab4U Branded labs
Pablo Pisani
Pablo Pisani

Chief Community Officer for Nitrates Iodine and North Public Affairs, SQM

"We are very pleased with the 2023 results of the NortEduca Program executed by Lab4U, not only because of the commitment of their professionals and the quality of the pedagogical work they carry out in territories important to us, but also because through SQM Labs, they are bringing the industry closer to new generations and projecting the future of innovation and technological development, from the North of Chile to the world."

Elizableth Cameron
Escondida BHP Lab4U
Elizabeth Cameron

Corporate Affairs Specialist, Escondida | BHP

"Through the 'STEM+Gender' program, we aspire to have more students in Antofagasta broaden their vocational future and view science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as spaces for professional and personal development."

Montserrat Palomar
Camanchaca Lab4U
Montserrat Palomar

Sustainability and Community Relations at Enel Chile

“Collaborating with Lab4U has allowed us to use the power of education to benefit our community and promote the participation of women in the energy industry. It’s exciting to see that a cell phone can be used to inspire new generations to further their own interests and pursue future careers in STEM professions.”

Sergio Giacaman
Camanchaca Lab4U
Sergio Giacaman

Chief Sustainability Officer, Camanchaca

“We are very committed to education and are strongly investing in enhancing the talents of students in the communities where our production plants are located. Initiatives like Lab4Sea help us develop joint solutions for the externalities generated by the industry, improving our environmental performance and training future professionals in the field of science."

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Building a Global Tapestry

Lab4U’s commitment to knowledge and skills development, innovation, and global collaboration echoes in every corner of the world, weaving a rich and diverse tapestry of learning and discovery that transcends geographical boundaries. From Chile to the world!


Democratizing STEM Education in Mexico with Boeing and PADF 🇲🇽

Once again, Mexico became a canvas for our educational endeavors in 2023. Teaming up with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) and Boeing, Lab4U ventured into Baja Californa and Querétaro as part of a new version of the STEM Americas Program.


Sparking Scientific Curiosity in Colombia 🇨🇴

Once again, Mexico became a canvas for our educational endeavors in 2023. Teaming up with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) and Boeing, Lab4U ventured into Baja Californa and Querétaro as part of a new version of the STEM Americas Program.

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Achieving Impact Through Great Partnerships Across Chile


Lab4U and Escondida|BHP join forces to create a hands-on and immersive learning experience in science, technology, and mining 🇨🇱

Lab4U, along with Escondida | BHP, which has been committed to sustainability since 2020 by transitioning to a 100% renewable energy matrix, has created experiments aimed at bringing young students and teachers closer to the fascinating world of the mining industry and its respective stages.


Exploring the Future of Mining: Lab4U and SQM Transforming STEM Learning to Empower 21st Century Talent 🇨🇱

Lab4U and SQM developed the third version of the NorTEduca Program, which aims to provide an innovative educational experience by showcasing the production processes of SQM. This program opens the doors to the fascinating world of the mining industry, where science and technology converge.


Revolutionizing Scientific Education and aquaculture industry with Camanchaca 🇨🇱

Lab4U and Camanchaca are revolutionizing science education for four schools in the south of Chile by offering exciting experiments that allow students to dive in and learn about various aspects of the fishing industry through the Lab4Sea program.


Enel and Lab4U Collaborate on Program Bridging Students with Energy Industry Processes and Challenges 🇨🇱

The initiative developed by Lab4U and promoted by ENEL will include a series of activities and experiments specially designed to bring students and teachers closer to the processes and challenges of the energy industry and to motivate future leaders in the field of science.


Engie and Lab4U launched a pilot program to revolutionize teaching and scientific learning in Chiloé 🇨🇱

Students from the Bicentennial High School of Dalcahue will be able to achieve significant improvements in the scientific field by incorporating the use of smartphones and tablets as laboratory tools within the classrooms, with the support of the educational solution provided by Lab4U and ENGIE Chile.


Cementos Bío Bío (Cbb) and Lab4U launches an educational program in Talcahuano 🇨🇱

This program is part of Cbb's sustainability strategy and will allow, among other things, to promote the interest of more students in acquiring STEM skills through experimental activities, to increase their participation in these careers in the future.


MolymetNos and Lab4U Transform Science into Fun 🇨🇱

MolymetNos and Lab4U are developing the program 'Lab in Your Pocket', an educational tool that enables students to explore the world of MolymetNos' industrial processes. This provides them with valuable knowledge and can broaden their employment opportunities in the metallurgical, chemical, and metal industries.


Lab4U and Educational Foundation El Salvador (FEES) Transform STEM Education in El Salvador Mining Camp 🇨🇱

This initiative plays a crucial role in motivating Chilean students to explore the wonders of science and mining in partnership with Educational Foundation El Salvador for more than 400 students.


Fostering Scientific Exploration and STEM Excellence: Lab4U's Dynamic Partnership with Lincoln International Academy 🇨🇱

Over the past three years, the fruitful collaboration with Lincoln School has not only revolutionized teaching methods but has also positioned the institution as a benchmark for STEM education in Chile.


Lab4U and Alberto Blest Gana School Elevate Scientific Learning 🇨🇱

A seven-year partnership, with over 800 students and five teachers, showcases how technological innovation and experimentation are paving the way for accessible STEM careers, bridging gaps, and setting the pace for the future of scientific education.


Empowering Future Professionals: Lab4U and 3M Transform STEM Education in Quellón, Chiloé. 🇨🇱

The program not only benefits students and teachers, but also drives technological advancements and creative solutions to global problems, contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic job market locally and internationally for students in the south of Chile.

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Working together, we extend our reach: Echoes from the Education Leaders

Lab4U’s impactful reach is made possible by the unwavering commitment and tremendous support of our teachers. We extend heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed teaching community – the true heroes and heroines reshaping the landscape of science education!

Ofelia Zaragoza

Director of the Meyally School Mexico

"The Lab4U activity proved to be a fantastic experience for my students. I hope it continues to draw my students closer to the realms of science, and that each activity leaves a lasting impact on their lifelong learning journey. "

Macarena León

Teacher - Liceo Yobilo - Lab4Sea Project - Camanchaca

The activities, while simple, are challenging, allowing us to cultivate our students' interest in scientific inquiry and experimental verification of theoretical aspects describing a phenomenon. "Hope to continue bringing my students even closer to the world of sciences."

Sebastián Zunino

Teacher - Colegio Quellón - 3M Project

Colegio Quellón has been using Lab4U since 2022, learning about the natural sciences via experiments. This way, students acquire new skills while discovering for themselves the knowledge to be gleaned from using the scientific method. Without a doubt, Lab4U is a great resource.

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Mom! We’re on TV!

Are we blushing? Yes! In 2023, Lab4U made headlines over 100 times with coverage spanning from our CEO being recognized as one of the Most Powerful Women in Chile by the prestigious Forbes, to features on CNN and numerous other TV shows and press outlets. Dive in now!

Forbes Honors Lab4U CEO Komal Dadlani among Chile's 30 Most Powerful Women

Our CEO, Komal Dadlani, was named one of the 30 Most Powerful Women in Chile by prestigious Forbes magazine.

Our CEO attended the prestigious Davos conference organized by the World Economic Forum in Switzerland

Komal was featured on the cover of Diario Financiero (FT in Chile) as the only Chilean entrepreneur invited to attend the World Economic Forum. 

CNN: Lab4U, the Chilean startup bringing science closer to the youth

Our CEO, Komal Dadlani, had the honor of being interviewed by Pulitzer Prize winner Andrés Oppenheimer on CNN en Español, sharing Lab4U’s groundbreaking efforts in revolutionizing STEM education across Latin America.

The AI and its Impact on Education: A Reflection by Komal Dadlani & ChatGPT

Komal asked ChatGPT to co-write an opinion column on how Artificial Intelligence has completely changed the paradigm of how we educate ourselves and learn at any age. Here’s the result.

Ministries of AI, Metaverse, Sustainability, and Other Trends Addressed in the Future Council of the World Economic Forum

Should countries have a Minister of Artificial Intelligence? Komal answers this question, plus she reveals the potential challenges involved with this new position.

Our CEO co-authored a blog for the WEF talking about social impact and why we must ground the metaverse in the 'humanverse'

While the metaverse calls us to enter a technological infrastructure that is not accessible to all, the physical world needs our attention and investment.

What’s Next for Lab4U? A Collection of SurprAIses are Coming! Stay Tuned.

IA Lab4U

Last but Certainly Not Least
Please Meet Our Dream Team!

We’re a bunch of diverse, inclusive, multicultural, and all-around awesome individuals with one mission: to create a groundswell of critical thinkers and curious minds ready to take on the big challenges humanity throws our way. 

Of course, you, too, are an important part of our team—thank you for supporting us on this adventure!

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