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Lab4U Talks Episode 4: Catalyzing STEM Education for the Next Generation of Scientists and Problem Solvers

In the previous episode we talked about how we must reset the way we teach science, […]
Science Education

Lab4U’s 2020 Impact and more to come in 2021

An unforgettable year in many ways, these unprecedented times have united us as never before, science […]
Lab4U Talks

Lab4U Talks. Episode 3: Resetting the way we teach science is vital for all our future

In the previous episode we talked about how we could solve the problems of science education […]
Lab4U Talks

Lab4U Talks. Episode 2: Building communities of practice while implementing Lab4U

In the previous episode, Komal spoke with Nathan about the achievement gap, and his experience as […]
Lab4U Talks

Episode 1: Democratizing science education and reducing the achievement gap

How can we bring opportunity to every student, everywhere? It may not be easy, but it’s […]
Lab4U Talks

Re-imagining science education: New Podcast Lab4U Talks, by Komal Dadlani

Hello everyone, my name is Komal Dadlani and I am the CEO and co-founder at Lab4U. […]