Lab in your Pocket

For the first time in history, billions of people around the world carry powerful tools in their pocket-tools that have the power to transform science education.

We use smartphone sensors to turn them into tools for experimentation, pairing our technology with resources for educators to transform the way their students learn science.

Lab4Physics integrates the power of four sensors in more than 25 rigurous lab experiences that allow students to learn through inquiry-based experimentation. Using only mobile devices and basic materials, you can begin experimenting in no time, discovering energy, waves, and forces and movement in exciting new ways.

Lab4Chemistry is the newest tool from Lab4U. With our patented technology, your students can discover colorimetry in exciting new ways using their own mobile devices! Lab4Chemistry is scheduled for release in late 2019.

Coming in 2020, Lab4Biology will allow students to explore microscopy using only their smartphone's camera with a $1 attachable lens.

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