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Built-in sensors found in every Smartphone or Tablet will allow students to experiment in real time!

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Experiment with Lab4Physics, Lab4Biology and Lab4Chemistry, now all in one place. With Lab4U, you can access more resources and new content to help transform STEM education.

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Lab4U’s solutions bring inquiry and exploration into your science class. Discover how to use built-in smartphone sensors to experiment with a lab in your pocket.


Schools & Districts

Give students and teachers the possibility to learn and teach science through hands-on experiences. Find hundreds of resources for science educators.



With our Corporate Partners Program, Lab4U is changing the way thousands of students around the world engage with science. Be part of the change. Invest in the future, improve education and have an Impact.


Proven positive impact

The group of students exposed to the Lab4Physics application shows an increase in each impact variable compared with the group who did not receive the intervention.

Check out our 2023 impact report

We are transforming science classes with technology! Review our most important milestones and achievements this 2023.

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