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Entel once again promotes the development of science and technology learning with the ExperimEntel Program


By Lab4U Team

The program supports and encourages the learning of STEM skills for young people belonging to two schools of the Belén Educa Foundation, bringing science closer through experimentation in the classroom.

Almost 200 students from the San Francisco de Asís School in Santiago and the Juan Luis Undurraga Aninat School in Quilicura, belonging to the network of the Belén Educa Foundation , participated in the second version of the ExperimEntel Program receiving support, access to premium licenses from Lab4U, guidance in didactic and inquiry methodologies to encourage experimentation in the classroom. Addressing contents of the physics subject, the students of the first and second secondary courses were able to learn and deepen the contents related to optics, waves and energy, among others, through various experiments developed byLab4Physics , being able to internalize concepts in a practical way, living the experience of having a laboratory on their cell phones and tablets.

In this 2022 version, Entel reaffirms its commitment to scientific education by continuing a program that seeks to generate social impact through access to experiential learning, providing tools not only to students, but also to teachers who have received constant support and accompaniment during the year for the implementation of their science classes and thus promoting the development of STEM skills and scientific literacy in their educational community.

“At Entel we are super committed to STEM education, which is why we are promoting different initiatives and one of those is Lab4U, and the idea is to be able to promote digitization and education through experiences like these”, Javiera López, Sustainability Analyst and Environment, Entel.

“We celebrate these types of alliances. We celebrate the existence of these applications that allow our students with such simple tools to be able to develop, create and experiment with new technologies”, Pilar Reyes, Head of Institutional Relations, Belén Educa Foundation

On November 21st, we celebrated the closing of the 2022 program at Colegio San Francisco de Asís, with the participation of representatives from Entel and Belén Educa Foundation, in a ceremony that brought together more than 80 students who participated in a motivational talk by Komal Dadlani, co-founder and CEO at Lab4U. Afterwards, they held an experimentation session with the mathematics and physics teacher who led the project inside the establishment, Katherine Sandoval.The optics, Rays and Reflections experiment developed by the students in the 9th grade consisted in the use of the Graph tool, to determine the relationship between the incident and reflected angle of a beam of light, who through the use of a laser and a flat mirror were able to observe the relationship that exists between the incident and reflected rays, and thus reach the conclusion that the angles they form are congruent (of equal measure) with respect to the normal.

Entel potencia nuevamente el desarrollo del aprendizaje de las ciencias y la tecnología con el Programa ExperimEntel

9th grade students from Colegio San Francisco de Asís carrying out the “Rays and Reflections” experiment, which allows them to determine the relationship between the incident and reflected angle of a beam of light.Meanwhile, the students in the 10th Grade carried out the experiment Bouncing the Ball, which would allow them to understand the behavior of kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy and its relationship with mechanical energy in the case of a ball that falls freely and bounces. Thus, through this experience and the use of their cell phone cameras, the students were able to calculate the kinetic, potential and mechanical energy of a ball when it is bouncing, to conclude that its mechanical energy decreases over time and dissipates due to friction with the air, contact with the ground and the noise it generates when bouncing.

Estudiante experimentando en clase con App Lab4U gracias a Entel con el programa Experimentel

10th Grade students at San Francisco de Asís School carrying out the experiment “Bouncing the Ball”, to understand the behavior of kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, and its relationship with mechanical energy in the case of a ball that falls freely and bounces.

“What we are doing in this ExperimEntel project, together with the Belén Educa Foundation and Entel to promote the Entel education, is to be able to bring experimentation to the classroom and thus, students will have a pocket laboratory to learn science in a different way”, Komal Dadlani, Co-founder and CEO of Lab4U.

We invite you to watch the video of the closing event of the ExperimEntel program and be inspired by the experience lived by more than 80 students who today have more tools to approach science and thus become the talent that the 21st century and digital transformation require.

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